Thursday, August 17, 2006

more on blogger 2.0

Continuing yesterday's musings about the beta version of Blogger, I find that there are definite improvements to the service. Publishing (at least so far) is much quicker, since the whole blog is no longer updated, just the most recent post. The interface is clearer and no longer has to be refreshed to avoid strange arrangements of post headings.

I started to investigate the new drag-and-drop methods of changing the blog's layout, but was informed that I would have to update the template which it is based on, and this would mean losing most of the changes I had introduced. The message tried to comfort me by saying that a backup of my changes would be taken, but I'm concerned that restoring might not be straightforward.

I also searched for the promised use of tags, but so far haven't found them, which is a nuisamce since I can no longer use the Greasemonkey script to generate tags myself.

My conclusion about the Blogger upgrade has to be that, when the problem of uploading images is fixed, it will be great for people setting up new blogs. Exisiting blogs, however, should not make the transition until the final version is ready, and only then when the implications of change are clear.


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