Wednesday, August 23, 2006

blogger blooper

Switching to the new beta version of Blogger is proving to be a rash decision. It's probably fine for new blogs starting out, but the legacy of old posts is creating all sorts of difficulties.

Because I'm still having problems uploading images, and specifically the drop caps for the Alphaphot project, I decided to switch over to Wordpress and host the blog on my own site. This is something I've been toying with for a few weeks now, and today I tried to import my posts from Blogger to the new one, also called The Valley of Lost Things. Unfortunately, the import wizard in Wordpress doesn't recognise my blog now, presumably because it's been transferred to the beta version, and won't let me log in.

I briefly considered cutting and pasting every post since I started the blog back in July 2005, but that would be painfully laborious and I can't see a way in Wordpress to change the apparent posting date to reflect the original dates. It's probably possible to do it directly in the MySQL database, but I don't really want to meddle with that if I can help it.

Perhaps I'll just leave links between the old and new blogs and start anew at the new address.


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